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Welcome to SOFI

Our research is focused on social policy, welfare, inequality, and the labour market. More on SOFIs research here.

Recent publications

Plenty, S., & Jonsson. J. O., 2017. “Social Exclusion among Peers: The Role of Immigrant Status and Classroom Immigrant Density”, Journal of Youth and Adolescence 46 (6): 1275-1288.

Grönqvist, H., & Niknami, S., 2017. ”The School Achievements of Refugee Children: Lessons from Sweden”. Nordic Economic Policy Review, 2017:520, pp. 159-185.

Mood, C., Jonsson, J. O. & Brolin Låftman, S., 2017. “Immigrant youth’s mental health advantage: The role of family structure and relations.” Journal of Marriage and Family 79 (April): 419-436.