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Welcome to SOFI

Our research is focused on social policy, welfare, inequality, and the labour market. More on SOFIs research here.


Latest publications

Norström, T., Rossow, I. & Pape, H. 2018. "Social inequality in youth violence: the role of heavy episodic drinking". Drug and Alcohol Review, 37: 162-169.

Carlsson, M., Eriksson, S. & Rooth, D. 2018. ”Job search methods and wages: are natives and immigrants different?”, The Manchester School. 86(2): 219-247.

Mengel, F., Sauermann, J. & Zölitz, U. 2018. "Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations", Journal of the European Economic Association.

Kahlmeter, A., Bäckman, O., & Brännström, L. 2018. "Housing Evictions and Economic Hardship. A Prospective Study". European Sociological Review, 34(1), 106-119.