This site is currently under construction, and will get a new appearance in 2022. To find publications from a researcher at SOFI, search DIVA (the Digital Science Archive). For publications older than 2007, we refer to Stockholm University Library.

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Working papers

SOFIs working paper series represents current research taking place at the Institute. They are works in progress while awaiting publication. The following link (to Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics) will take you to all working papers produced at SOFI from 2000 up to the present date. Working papers

Articles in English in international journals and edited volumes (1975 - )
Researchers at SOFI publish articles in renowned international journals in the fields of economics and sociology. A list of recent publications can be found under the clickable links to the left, older articles in our archives. Archives
Doctoral dissertations
The first thesis in SOFI's series of doctoral dissertations was presented in 1986 and since then many more have followed. Since 2004 all theses have been recorded in Stockholm University's DiVA index. The index gives access to a brief announcement and abstract of each thesis and occasionally includes the entire thesis text in a pdf file. Older theses are in our archives. Archives
Books and chapters in books in English
Researchers at SOFI frequently author and edit different types of books. Some are meant to be used as course literature at universities and colleges, some can be characterized as popular science, others specialize in the fields of economics and sociology and are aimed at an international audience. A list of these books and chapters can be found in the clickable links to the left, older books in our archives. Archives