9.00-10.00 Data session

Outi Sirniö: TITA data

Klara Capkova:  Full TITA data versus the 11% sample Palapeli data

Caroline Uggla: Occupational variable in TITA data



Anna Heino, Juho Härkönen, Sol Juarez, Eleonora Mussino, and Mika Gissler: The role of stillbirths and induced abortions in birth outcome disparity between migrants and natives. A Population-based study in Finland

Klara Capkova, and Marika Jalovaara: Are life-course trajectories of single fathers and single mothers shaped differently by educational attainment?



Michael Gähler: Employer Discrimination by Ethnicity and Occupation. Results from Two Pooled Experiment Studies

Chiara Comolli, Jani Erola, Juho Härkönen, and Markus Jäntti:  Trends in brother correlations in class and incomes in Finland: a comparison of cohorts born in 1932-67


12.30 – 13.40

Lunch at Fakultetsklubben

13.45 – 15.00

Marie Evertsson, and Kathrin Morosow: Care leaves and unemployment. Comparing women’s unemployment risks in periods of economic upturn and downturn in Finland and Sweden               

Caroline Uggla: The effect of social mobility on mortality in times of recession and times of growth

Ben Wilson, and Sven Drefahl:  Regional inequalities in length of life: A Nordic comparison

Ognjen Obucina: Immigrant child poverty in Finland