Comparing within the group

Several projects deal with how an individual’s formative years and education influence his/her later life outcomes. Using register data, some of the questions addressed are: Is the structure of the family important? How important are parental economic resources for how children fare later in life? What effect do school reforms have on employment and income? Other studies treat exit from the labour market, for example what influences the point in time for exit and what the effects are of the pension system and changes to it.

Comparing different groups

Other researchers study and compare income, wages and employment for different groups of people in the labour market: for example immigrants are compared with natives, women with men, and individuals with and without handicaps. Several projects focus on different aspects in the functioning of the labour market such as wage formation and mobility both nationally and internationally and in different situations and scenarios. Finally, the main emphasis in several projects is on the effects of labour market and family policy for different groups.