In 2010-2011, the Level of Living Survey (LNU) was conducted for the sixth time. A nationally representative sample of the Swedish adult population (18-75 years) were interviewed about their living conditions. Number of respondents reached 4 415 or 60,9 percent of the initial sample (72,0 percent if a shorter version of the questionnaire sent out to some of the respondents is not included). Structured interviews were, in most cases, conducted in the homes of the respondents by interviewers from Swedish statistics (SCB).

As in LNU 2000, partners of the main respondents were asked to answer a less extensive questionnaire. Children of the main respondents (9-18 years) were also interviewed with pre-recorded questions and headphones (Child-LNU 2010). A follow-up study of the children from 2000 (Young-LNU 2010) was also conducted.


English codebook: LNU2010_CODEBOOK (pdf) (4146 Kb)

Documentation in Swedish:

LNU_quest_2010 (pdf) (1259 Kb)

LNU_technical_report_2010 (pdf) (2052 Kb)

LNU2010_KODBOK (pdf) (6985 Kb)

See also (webpage in Swedish):

Barn-LNU (Child-LNU and Young-LNU 2010)