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Welcome to SOFI

Our research is focused on social policy, welfare, inequality, and the labour market. More on SOFIs research here.


In Memoriam Åsa Rosén

Professor Åsa Rosén, who worked at the Institute for Social Research (SOFI) from 1999 to 2016, has passed away at the age of 57.

Latest publications

Boschini, A., Dreber,A., von Essen, E., Muren, A. & Ranehill, E. 2018. "Gender and altruism in a random sample". Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Volume 77, December 2018, Pages 72-77

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Wesolowski, K. & Ferrarini, T. 2018. "Family policies and fertility: Examining the link between family policy institutions and fertility rates in 33 countries 1995-2011", International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 38 Issue: 11/12, pp.1057-1070.

Norström, T., Ramstedt, M. & Svensson, J. 2018. "Extended opening hours at nightclubs in Visby: An evaluation of a trial in the summer of 2014". Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, pp. 1-9.