Emma completed her PhD in Economic at Stockholm University in April 2013. Later that year, she got a position as Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University, where she became an Associate Professor in 2016. Emma is affiliated with TrygFonden’s Child Research Center and Interacting Minds Center at Aarhus University.

Emma’s research concerns the understanding of unequal economic outcomes - why some groups of individuals fair better than others. She has for example investigated how gender differences in economic preferences change across contexts. In her research, she employs data from laboratory experiments, randomized control trails and register data.

Emma’s current and future research include the following projects: i) online anonymity and antisocial speech behavior towards women and minorities - funded by the Swedish Research Council. ii) economic inheritance and gender-gaps in the labor market - funded by FORTE iii) effects on boys of having a male adult friend - funded by the Danish Council of Independent Research iv) networks and gender-gaps in corporate boards.