During his first years at SOFI, Ante had mainly administrative tasks but in 1980 entered  the doctoral program in economics. He obtained his PhD at the same time as he continued to contribute in an excellent way to the administration at SOFI (for several periods as deputy director).

After defending his dissertation, he continued his research with a focus on economic theory. As an associate professor, he taught econometrics in the doctoral program. During his entire time at SOFI, Ante contributed to social life at SOFI by, among other things, organizing lunches and playing tennis.

After retiring, Ante continued to do research and has, among other things, published several articles this year. He has provided invaluable support for many at SOFI, not least the administration and leadership, in which many of us often turned to him for advice.

We will miss Ante a lot.


Eskil Wadensjö & Markus Jäntti