Andreas Diemer has joined SOFI as a postdoc researcher in the Level of Living unit (LNU). Andreas recently completed a PhD in Economic Geography at the London School of Economics. He will be working on the two projects Interlocking Inequalities (MINQ) and IntegrateYouth. He is interested in studying job information networks in Swedish labour markets and school peer effects, with an attention to differences between native and foreign-origin populations.


Orsa Kekezi has joined SOFI as a postdoc researcher in the Labour Economics unit (AME) Orsa holds a PhD in Economics from Jönköping International Business School. Her research interests lie at the intersection of labor economics, regional economics, and economic geography. Her thesis investigated labor market dynamics across Swedish regions in administrative data. At SOFI, she will continue this broad line of research while focusing on commuting patterns and labor mobility among immigrants.


Kirsten van Houdt has joined SOFI as a postdoc researcher in the Level of Living group. She holds a PhD in family sociology from the University of Amsterdam. Her research is part of the MINQ project and will focus on socio-economic inequalities in the consequences of family instability over the life-course. More specifically, she will consider the role of post-separation housing careers and sibling relations, combining register and survey data.





Linna Martén has joined SOFI in the Labour Economics AME unit. Linna holds a PhD in economics from Uppsala University and did a postdoc at Stanford University. Her research at SOFI will mainly focus on how asylum rules affect refugees’ integration. Linna will work at SOFI 75 % and work at the newly started Uppsala Immigration Lab at Uppsala University 25 %.






Tünde Lenard is our new PhD student in sociology. Tünde has a master’s degree in economic analysis from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. She has worked at the Institute of Economics of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), and participated in projects that aims to explore how different non-cognitive skills predict inequalities in education. During her PhD at SOFI, she would like to address educational inequalities, school segregation and non-cognitive skills.