In the annual open call for research funding from Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte) several new research projects with researchers at SOFI was granted new funding. With a total of 21.1 million SEK, these five projects

The project "A future to believe in? Social optimism in times of structural change" by SOFI-researchers Anton B Andersson and Arvid Lindh (both PhD in Sociology) together with Johan Dahlberg at the Demography Unit/Department of Sociology at Stockholm University, was granted funding with 5.3 million SEK.

Professor in Sociology Kenneth Nelson was together with professor Andreas Duit at the Deprtament of Political Science at Stockholm University granted 4.9 million SEK for the project "Policy Dynamics in the Decarbonized Welfare State" (PANDORA).

Professor in Sociology Sten-Åke Stenberg was together with associate professor Therese Reitan at the Södertörn University in Stockholm granted 3.8 million SEK for the project "To become or not to become a leader. "Pathways into and out of leadership positions in a gender and life-course perspective".

Karin Halldén, associate professor in Sociology, was together with Magnus Nermo at the Department of Sociology and Margarita Estévez-Abe at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino in Italy, granted 3.6 million SEK for the project "Understanding changes in levels of occupational sex segregation in Sweden and Europe during half a century".

Professor in Sociology Erik Bihagen was together with SOFI-researchers Roujman Shahbazian and Johan Westerman (both PhD in sociology) granted 3.5 million SEK for the project "Careers in the Swedish labor market from the 1960s and onwards: From stability to instability?".

 Congratulations to all of you!