Winter at Stockholm University

The Social Stratification, Welfare and Social Policy seminars are held every other Tuesday 13.00 at SOFI, and are accessible via Zoom. To get a Zoom-invitation, contact the seminar organisers: SWS Seminar

  • January 18: Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Umeå University (Online only)
    Title: Parental unemployment and adolescent wellbeing: The moderating role of educational policies
  • February 1: Jaap Nieuwenhuis, University of Groningen, Netherlands
    Title: Neighborhood and community effects in East and Southeast Asia: A systematic review and meta-analytical exploration of publication bias
  • February 15: Jason Beckfield, Harvard University, USA
    Title: TBA
  • March 15: Francesco Rampazzo, University of Oxford, UK
    Title: TBA
  • March 29: Heejung Chung, University of Kent, UK
    Title: TBA
  • April 26: Dragana Stojmenovska, New York University, USA
    Title: The incomplete integration of women in workplace authority
  • May 10: Zachary Parolin, Bocconi University, Italy
    Title: Inequality below the poverty line since 1967: The role of U.S. social policy (with co-authors Matt Desmond and Christopher Wilmer)
  • May 24: Sara Geven, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Title: TBA