Social Stratification Dynamics -- inter- and intra-generational processes is a project that aims at producing high quality registerbased research about social stratification. Stratification research as a field of research has traditionally been built on rather small surveys with great detail. Our research will expand the scale and focus on how resources are transmitted across generations and of how resources are built up and changes over the life cycle. Rather than survey data we will use register data.Register data produce unique potential to study stratification issues on a grand scale. Together with Statistics Sweden (SCB)and Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA), we have developed a database Sweden over Time: Activities and Relations (STAR). More about STAR will be added soon.

Research within SUNSTRAT is conducted under seven research areas:
1. Educational inequalities
2. Elite recruitment and careers
3. Gender, Family and Social Stratification
4. Income inequality and poverty
5. Intergenerational mobility and transmission of resources
6. Occupational/Status attainment
7. Social inequalities in health and mortality

Further information on each research area can be found under their respective pages (follow the links for each research area above, or click on their headings on the right hand side).