Ahlzen Tallås, Malin, doctoral student in economics

Alamaa, Christine, doctoral student in economics

Alm, Susanne, Ph.D. in sociology

Altmejd, Adam, Ph.D. in economics

Andersson, Linus, Ph.D. in sociology

Andersson Joona, Pernilla, senior researcher in economics

Arvegård Wallin, Sofia, guest lecturer

Bihagen, Erik, senior lecturer in sociology

Björklund, Anders, professor emeritus of economics

Boguslaw, Julia, Ph.D. in economics

Bos, Marieke, Ph.D. in economics

Boschini, Anne, senior lecturer in economics

Boström, Charlotta, doctoral student in economics

Boye, Katarina, senior researcher in sociology

Buhai, Sebastian, Ph.D. in economics

Burman, Sofie, research assistant

Byun, Younghwan, Ph.D. in political science

Böhlmark, Anders, senior researcher in economics

Celikaksoy Mortensen, Aycan, Ph.D. in economics

Dadgar, Iman, doctoral student in economics

Dastserri, Monir, doctoral student in economics

Dehdari, Sirus, Ph.D. in economics

Doctrinal, Laure, doctoral student in sociology

Edmark, Karin, senior lecturer in economics

Eneroth, Mari, research assistant

Englund, Stefan, research assistant

Engström, Frida, deputy director of undergraduate studies and study counselor

Engzell, Per, Ph.D. in sociology

Erikson, Robert, professor emeritus in sociology

Eriksson, Madeleine, doctoral student in sociology

Erlandsson, Anni, doctoral student in sociology

Esser, Ingrid, senior researcher in sociology

Fallesen, Peter, senior researcher in sociology

Farm, Ante, senior researcher in economics

Forslund, Maria, doctoral student in sociology

Fredriksson, Daniel, doctoral student in sociology

Geerts, Allison, doctoral student in sociology

Gerdes, Christer, Ph.D. in economics

Gnädinger, Dorothee, doctoral student in sociology

Grätz, Michael, Ph.D. in sociology

Grönlund, Anne, Ph.D. in sociology

Grönqvist, Hans, senior researcher in economics

Gähler, Michael, senior researcher in sociology

Hagelin, Katarina, invoice and personnel administrator

Halldén, Karin, senior researcher in sociology

Hederos, Karin, Ph.D. in economics

Hellborg, Sabina, Ph.D. in civil law

Hertzman, Caroline, economist

Hjalmarsson, Simon, doctoral student in sociology

Jonsson, Janne, professor of sociology

Jäntti, Markus, professor of economics

Kahlmeter, Anna, doctoral student in sociology

Kjellsson, Sara, Ph.D. in sociology

Koerselman, Kristian, Pol.D. in economics

Korpi, Tomas, professor of sociology

Korpi, Walter, professor emeritus in sociology

Lachance, Anne, Ph.D. in sociology

Lachowska, Marta, Ph.D. in economics

Lindahl, Lena, senior researcher in economics

Lindh, Arvid, Ph.D. in sociology

Lindquist, Matthew, professor of economics

Lindqvist, Erik, professor of economics

Lundborg, Per, professor emeritus of economics

Magnusson, Charlotta, senior researcher in sociology

Malm Lindberg, Henric, guest lecturer

Moberg, Ylva, Ph.D. in economics

Mood, Carina, professor of sociology

Mühlrad, Hanna, doctoral student in economics

Mårtensson, Maria, head of administration

Nelson, Kenneth, professor of sociology

Nieuwenhuis, Rense, senior researcher in sociology

Niknami, Susan, Ph.D. in economics

Norström, Thor, professor emeritus in sociology

Nybom, Martin, Ph.D. in economics

Olme, Elisabet, doctoral student in sociology

Olsen, Karen, Ph.D. in sociology

Otto, Adeline, doctoral student in sociology

Palmtag, Eva-Lisa, doctoral student in sociology

Plenty, Stephanie, Ph.D. in psychology

Robling, Per Olof, Ph.D. in economics

Rojas, Yerko, senior researcher in sociology

Rooth, Dan-Olof, professor of economics

Rudolphi, Frida, Ph.D. in sociology

Santavirta, Torsten, Ph.D. in economics

Sauermann, Jan, senior researcher in economics

Schröder, Lena, Ph.D. in sociology

Sefastsson, Ingrid, research assistant

Shahbazian, Roujman, Ph.D. in sociology

Sirén, Sebastian, doctoral student in sociology

Sjöberg, Ola, professor of sociology

Sjödin, Erik, senior lecturer in arbetsrätt

Sommer, Marc, doctoral student in economics

Sose, Elma, education administrator

Stenberg, Anders, senior lecturer in economics

Stenberg, Sten-Åke, professor of sociology

Stenborg, Simon, administrator

Stuhler, Jan, Ph.D. in economics

Ståhlberg, Ann-Charlotte, professor emeritus in economics

Sultan, Leila, research assistant

Sund, Krister, Ph.D. in economics

Sundström, Marianne, professor in economics

Säve-Söderbergh, Jenny, senior researcher in economics

Tatsi, Eirini, Ph.D. in economics

Torssander, Jenny, senior researcher in sociology

Treuter, Georg, research assistant

Tudor, Simona, Ph.D. in economics

Tunlid, Sara, doctoral student in sociology

Tåhlin, Michael, professor of sociology

Wadensjö, Eskil, professor emeritus in economics

Wesolowski, Katharina, Ph.D. in sociology

Westerman, Johan, doctoral student in sociology

Willén, Alexander, doctoral student in economics

Wilmers, Nathan, doctoral student in sociology

Vivian, Lara, Ph.D. in sociology