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The transition to parenthood is a critical juncture for the reproduction of inequalities in the home and in the labour market. Research convincingly shows that heterosexual couples become more traditional after becoming parents, with women spending more time in care and housework. However, little is known about how this transition affects the division of labour and care in same-sex couples. The GENPARENT project critically assesses theories on the transition to parenthood by comparing the division of work and care and its career related consequences in heterosexual and same-sex couples. Based on large-scale quantitative data analyses as well as in-depth interviews, the project shed light on couples’ reasons and motives for their division of work and care. The project addresses these issues from an internationally comparative gender regime perspective by following couples’ transitions to parenthood in four Nordic countries, the Netherlands and the US.  The GENPARENT project builds on three sub-projects that are closely linked.


Principal Investigator
Marie Evertsson

Web Editor
Madeleine Eriksson