AME Labour Economics Seminar, at the Swedish Institute for Social Research – SOFI:

Barbara Petrongolo from Oxford university will present the paper "Men are from Mars and women too: A Bayesian meta-analysis of overconfidence experiments", written with Oriana Bandiera, Nidhi Parekh and Michelle Rao.

To get a Zoom-invitation, contact the seminar organisers: AME Labour Economics


“Gender differences in self-confidence could explain women’s under representation in high-income occupations and glass-ceiling effects. We draw lessons from the economic literature via a survey of experts and a Bayesian hierarchical model that aggregates experimental findings over the last twenty years. The experts’ survey indicates that men are overconfident and women under-confident. In contrast, the model cannot reject the hypothesis that gender differences in self-confidence equal to zero. In addition, the estimated pooling factor is low, implying that each study contains little information over a common phenomenon. The discordance can be reconciled if the experts overestimate the pooling factor or have priors that are biased and precise.”