David Slusky from University of Kansas will present "COVID-19 Surgical Abortion Restriction Did Not Reduce Visits to Abortion Clinics", written with Martin Andersen and Sylvia Bryan

To get a Zoom-invitation, contact the seminar organisers: AME Labour Economics


Due to COVID-19, 33 states banned elective medical procedures, and 13 of these states included surgical abortions. We collected street addresses of abortion clinics and linked them to SafeGraph’s data on visitor counts. We found at least a 16 percent decrease in clinic visits in February-May 2020 versus 2019. States that banned elective procedures or imposed other measures (i.e., stay-at-home orders) saw a substantial additional decrease. However, there was no significant additional decrease from explicit surgical abortions bans. We estimate that the decrease in foot traffic over these four months reduced abortions by 6 percent in 2020 relative to 2019.