Pierre has just finished his PhD in economics at SciencesPo, Paris. Pierre's research deals mainly with the economics of discrimination. His research focuses both on detecting labour market discrimination and on analyzing which public policies are efficient in reducing its magnitude. His job market paper studied the effect of a gender quota in French academic recruitment committees, and discusses whether increasing the share of female recruiters also increases the share of women hired by these committees. In addition, Pierre has studied the effect of the Bosman ruling in football on wage discrimination and how own-group preferences affects location choices in the US. In the near future, his work will focus on how segregation, discrimination and social housing affects rents and location choices of individuals, and whether in- and out-migration helps or hinders the recovery of depressed regions. More information about Pierre’s research is found at https://sites.google.com/site/pierredeschampsecon/home.

José will have the final defense of his PhD in October at Paris School of Economics. José's research deals mainly with the economics of education. His research revolves around the causal effects of large-scale educational policies on the efficiency and equity of educational systems. His job market paper studied to what extent financial aid for disadvantaged students attached to performance standards for renewal can improve student academic achievement, make national financial aid programs more effective, and help overcoming moral hazard concerns in higher education. In addition, José has studied the role of the test-taking environment on gender differences in academic performance, and the effects of bilingual programs on student cognitive skills. In the near future, his work will focus on how school choice priorities impact school segregation and the effect of school timetables on student performance. More information about José’s research is found ahttps://sites.google.com/site/josemontalbancastilla/.