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Welcome to the Social Policy Indicators (SPIN) database

The Social Policy Indicators (SPIN) database provides the foundations for new comparative and longitudinal research on causes and consequences of welfare states. Building on T.H. Marshall’s ideas about social citizenship, SPIN makes available comparative data on social rights and duties of citizens, thereby moving research beyond analyses of welfare state expenditures. The SPIN database is instead oriented towards analyses of institutions as manifested in social policy legislation. Data are carefully collected in a coherent and consistent methodological manner to facilitate quantitative research of social policy across time and space. To date, SPIN covers 34 countries, of which several have data on core social policy programs from 1930 to 2013.


  • SAMIP 2019 update 2020-06-03 There is a new revision of the Social Assistance and Minimum Income Protection dataset (SAMIP), with benefit data up to 2019.
  • CBD updated to 2015 and extended with additional countries 2019-05-07 There is a new revision of the Child Benefit Dataset (CBD), with child benefit data for 2015. The dataset has been extended to include 36 countries.
  • SIED updated to 2015 2019-03-22 There is a new revision of the Social Insurance Entitlements Dataset (SIED), with social insurance data for 2015.
  • Updates of SPIN database during 2018 2018-02-01 Coding of several SPIN modules are nearing completion, and will be published during the year.
  • New data storage solution 2016-12-12 The SPIN datasets has been relocated to a new storage solution. Users are advised to register or re-register to be able to download datasets.

Recent publications

Arlotti, M. & Sabatinelli, S. (2017). Assessing income support where no national minimum income scheme exists. Is it possible to apply the model family method to the Italian case? International Review of Sociology, 27:1, 142-159.


Birnbaum, S., Ferrarini, T., Nelson, K. & Palme, J. (2017). The Generational Welfare Contract: Justice, Institutions and Outcomes. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.


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