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ESPAnet doctoral workshop on ‘Health Impacts of Social Policy’

Social policies affect living conditions in different ways. Whereas effects of social policy are typically assessed in terms of income and work status of individuals, welfare states also have important consequences for health, both at individual and population levels. Not only health care is of relevance, but also the ways in which countries have organized their cash benefit programs, such as social insurance, social assistance and family benefits.

InGrid Expert Workshop 19-21 November

The need for continued research on social policy designs, its causes and consequences, is more topical than ever, not least in connection with the financial crisis that has hit much of Europe. In addition, demographic trends of aging populations and new family formation patterns increase further pressures on welfare states for institutional change.

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Recent publications

Forslund, M. (2021). Is it adding up? The cumulative effect of sickness benefits on life expectancy in old age in 15 OECD countries 1960–2015. Health & Place, 70:102607. doi: 10.1016/j.healthplace.2021.102607
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