New dataset on Student Support and Fees

The new Student Support and Fees Dataset (SSFD) aims to improve the possibilities to conduct large-scale, institutionally informed comparative and longitudinal analyses of student finance systems in general, and of student rights to financial aid and their obligations to pay tuition fees in particular. The dataset is based on calculations of support and fees for three model families. Focus is on social rights and obligations of full-time undergraduate students. The current version of SSFD includes 32 countries for the years 2005, 2010, and 2015.

Updates to the Parental Leave Benefit dataset

The first version of the PLB dataset contained information about earnings-related parental leave insurance benefits in 18 countries 1950 to 2010. This update of PLB expands the previous version. It contains information on different types of parental leave benefits in 34 countries up to 2015, collected within five-year intervals. 

New citation policy for the SPIN database

The use of SPIN data is free, but all users are required to cite our data in their publications by acknowledging the SPIN research infrastructure and the specific data module. An example using SAMIP is shown below.

In-text citation:
Our empirical analyses are based on data from the Social Assistance and Minimum Income Protection Dataset (SAMIP), provided as part of the Social Policy Indicator (SPIN) database (Nelson et al. 2020). 

Nelson, K., Fredriksson, D., Korpi, T., Korpi, W., Palme, J. and O. Sjöberg. 2020. The Social Policy Indicators (SPIN) database. International Journal of Social Welfare. 29 (3). 285-289.