Our guest research program is designed with the purpose to attract researchers outside Stockholm University to come and work within our project for a period of around one to six months. The researcher applying for the position will get the opportunity to work with population based Swedish register data. The successful candidate could be salaried from the project or economically compensated in other ways dependent on the current job situation. The research plan of the applicant needs to be in line with the research of our project and also to fit our approved ethical board applications. For most of the applicants this will probably mean that the planned research will be work that is conducted together with a member of our research team. We welcome applications from now and to the end of 2012 and will normally return with a decision within one month. The applicant is asked to send a mail with an attached short research plan (aim of research, methods, and suggested time plan) and a CV, to Erik Bihagen Erik Bihagen.