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Research news

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wage gap TUMME

The gender wage gap – worst in high-prestige occupations

The wage gap between women and men are biggest among occupations with high prestige, a study in sociology show. Unlike in other occupational groups the difference has not decreased in this category.

Johanna Rickne Tumme

Women in leadership positions face more sexual harassment

Power in the workplace does not stop women’s exposure to sexual harassment. On the contrary, women with supervisory positions are harassed more than women employees.

Alm tumme

Singles without children new risk group for poverty in Sweden

While the risk of poverty among single parents has long been known to be a problem, a new study from the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) shows that single persons without children also faced a drastic increase in poverty risk. The researchers can now link this increase in poverty to cutbacks in the unemployment insurance.

Researcher Susan Niknami

What happens to children with parents in prison?

Approximately one out of ten children who come from a poor background experience at least one time during childhood an arresting of their parent. There is an ongoing study at SOFI on how the life chances of these children are affected.

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