Syftet med serien är främst att göra forskning tillgänglig i väntan på vidare granskning inför slutlig publicering.

SOFI:s Working Papers sedan nummer 1/2000 publiceras här, äldre Working Papers finns under Arkiv. SOFI:s Working Papers är en del av Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics (S-WoPEc).

Här är de senast publicerade Working Papers från SOFI:



1/2022 Anders Stenberg A Note on Evaluating Formal Education for Adults


1/2021 Malin Tallås Ahlzén Peer effects and parental leave of fathers



7/2020 Emma von Essen & Joakim Jansson Misogynistic and xenophobic hate language online: a matter of anonymity

6/2020 Jan Sauermann Worker reciprocity and the returns to training: evidence from a field experiment

5/2020 Ante Farm Explaining Inflation and Unemployment

4/2020 Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne Sexual Harassment and Gender Inequality in the Labor Market

3/2020 Karin Edmark, Iftikhar Hussain & Carla Haelermans The Impact of Voucher Schools: Evidence From Swedish Upper Secondary Schools

2/2020 Karin Edmark & Lovisa Person The Impact of Attending An Independent Upper Secondary School: Evidence from Sweden Using School Ranking Data

1/2020 Lucas Gortázar, David Mayor & José Montalbán School Choice Priorities and School Segregation: Evidence from Madrid


3/2019 Karin Hederos & Anders Stenberg. Gender identity and relative income within households -Evidence from Sweden.

2/2019 Michael Grätz. When Less Conditioning Provides Better Estimates: Overcontrol and Collider Bias in Research on Intergenerational Mobility.

1/2019 Michael Grätz. Does regime change affect intergenerational mobility? Evidence from German reunification.



11/2018 Karin Edmark. Location choices of Swedish independent schools – How does allowing for private provision affect the geography of the education market?

10/2018 Anne Boschini, Anna Dreber, Emma von Essen, Astri Muren & Eva Ranehill. Gender, risk preferences and willingness to compete in a random sample of the Swedish population.

9/2018 Cassandra Engeman. Time for Care: A History of State Leave Legislation in the United States.

8/2018 Theodor Vladasel. Same, but Different? Brith Order, Family Size, and Sibling Sex Composition Effects in Entrepreneurship.

7/2018 Tomas Korpi & Michael Tåhlin. On-the-job training: A skill match approach to the determinants and outcomes of lifelong learning.

6/2018 Evelina Bonnier, Anna Dreber, Karin Hederos & Anna Sandberg. Undressed for Success? The Effects of Half-Naked Women on Economic Behaviour.

5/2018 Gordon B. Dahl, Andreas Kotsadam & Dan-Olof Rooth. Does Integration Change Gender Attitudes? The Effect of Randomly Assigning Women to Traditionally Male Teams.

4/2018 Jesper Alex-Petersen, Petter Lundborg & Dan-Olof Rooth. Long-term effects of childhood nutrition: evidence from a school lunch reform.

3/2018 Sara Kjellsson. Class-specific gender gaps in musculoskeletal pain: Sweden 1974-2010.Have gender differences in pain changed over time and equally in all social classes?

2/2018 -

1/2018 Ante Farm. Basic Macroeconomics


8/2017 Ante Farm. Basic Monetary Economics

7/2017 Matthew J. Lindquist, Joeri Sol, C. Mirjam van Praag and Theodor Vladasel. On the Origins of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Sibling Correlations

6/2017 Friederike Mengel, Jan Sauermann, Ulf Zöliz. Gender Bias in Teaching Evaluations

5/2017 Anne Boschini, Kristin Gunnarsson, Jesper Roine. Women in top incomes- Evidence from Sweden 1974-2013

4/2017 Ante Farm. Labour demand and real wages

3/2017. Marion Collewet, Jan Sauermann. Working Hours and Productivity

2/2017. Povilas Lastauskas, Eirini Tatsi. Spatial Nexus in Crime and Unemployment in Times of Crisis

1/2017. Martin Berlin, Filip Fors. The Association Between Life Satisfaction and Affective Well-Being


1/2016. Per Engzell. What Do Books in the Home Proxy For? A Cautionary Tale


3/2015. Martin Nybom, Kelly Vosters. Intergenerational Persistence in Latent Socioeconomic Status: Evidence from Sweden

2/2015. Anders Stenberg, Olle Westerlund. Flexibility at a Cost – Should Governments Stimulate Tertiary Education for Adults?

1/2015. Hans Grönqvist, Peter Nilsson, Per-Olof Robling. Childhood Exposure to Segregation and Long-Run Criminal Involvement


9/2014. Hans Grönqvist, Peter Nilsson, Per-Olof Robling. Childhood Lead Exposure and Criminal Behavior: Lessons from the Swedish Phase- Out of Leaded Gasolin (513 Kb)

8/2014. Karin Hederos Eriksson, Markus Jäntti, Lena Lindahl, Jenny Torssander. Trends in Life Expectancy by Income and the Role of Specific Causes of Death

7/2014. Per Lundborg, Per Skedinger. Employer Attitudes towards Refugee Immigrants (152 Kb)

6/2014. Per Lundborg. The Rationale of the Migrant Share as a Wage Determinant: Theory and Evidence

5/2014. Miles Corak, Matthew J. Lindquist, Bhashkar Mazumder. A Comparison of Upward and Downward Intergenerational Mobility in Canada, Sweden and the United States

4/2014. Per Lundborg, Per Skedinger. Minimum Wages and the Integration of Refugee Immigrants

3/2014. Martin Nybom, Jan Stuhler. Interpreting Trends in Intergenerational Mobility

2/2014. Martin Nybom. The Distribution of Lifetime Earnings Returns to College

1/2014. Renate Minas, Olof Bäckman, Vibeke Jakobsen, Tomas Korpi, Thomas Lorentzen, Timo Kauppinen. Rescaling Inequality? Welfare Reform and Local Variation in Social Assistance Payments


7/2013. Jenny Säve-Söderbergh, Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist. Children do not Behave like Adults: Gender Gaps in Performance and Risk Taking

6/2013. Anders Böhlmark, Mikael Lindahl. Independent Schools and Long-Run Educational Outcomes Evidence from Sweden´s Large Scale Voucher.. (331 Kb)

5/2013. André Richter, Per Olof Robling. Multigenerational e ffects of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic in Sweden (404 Kb)

4/2013. Karin Halldén, Anders Stenberg. The Relationship between Hours of Domestic Services and Female Earnings: Panel Register Data Evidenc (505 Kb)
3/2013. Matthew J. Lindquist, Torsten Santavirta. Does Placing Children in Foster Care Increase Their Adult Criminality?† (342 Kb)

2/2013. Marianne Sundström. Growing up in a blended family or a stepfamily (168 Kb)

1/2013. Ante Farm. Price Formation in Consumer Markets (139 Kb)


9/2012. Hans Grönqvist. Putting teenagers on the pill: The consequences of subsidized contraception (327 Kb)

8/2012. Matthew J. Lindquist, Torsten Santavirta. Does Placing Children in Out-of-Home Care Increase Their Adult Criminality? (343 Kb)

7/2012. Lars Brännström, Bo Vinnerljung, Anders Hjern. Long-term outcomes of Sweden’s Contact Family Program for children (127 Kb)

6/2012. Robert Erikson, John H Goldthorpe, Martin Hällsten. No way back up from ratcheting down? A critique of the 'microclass' approach... (226 Kb)

5/2012. Tomas Korpi. Importing skills Migration policy, generic skills and earnings among immigrants in Australasia... (177 Kb)

4/2012. Hans Grönqvist, Per Johansson, Susan Niknami.  Income Inequality and Health: Lessons from a Refugee Residential Assignment Program (335 Kb)

3/2012. Markus Jäntti, Lena Lindahl.  "On the variability of income within and across generations" (522 Kb)

 2/2012. Patrik Gränsmark.  Masters of our Time: Impatience and Self-control in High Level Chess Games (288 Kb)

1/2012. Ylva A. Almquist, Lars Brännström. Childhood Peer Status and the Clustering of Adverse Living Conditions in Adulthood (160 Kb)


14/2011. Hans Grönqvist, Caroline Hall. Education policy and early fertility: Lessons from an expansion of upper secondary schooling (531 Kb)

13/2011. Lena Lindahl. Improving the school-to-work transition for vocational students - What can we learn from research? (192 Kb)

12/2011. Martin Berlin, Niklas Kaunitz. Subjective Well-Being, Income and Economic Margins (497 Kb)

11/2011. Randi Hjalmarsson, Matthew J. Lindquist. The Origins of Intergenerational Associations in Crime: Lessons from Swedish Adoption Data (276 Kb)

10/2011. Jan O. Jonsson, Carina Mood, Erik Bihagen. Poverty in Sweden 1991-2007. Change, dynamics, and intergenerational transmission of poverty during economic recession... (545 Kb)

9/2011. Hans Grönqvist, Susan Niknami. Alcohol Availability and Crime: Lessons from Liberalized Weekend Sales Restrictions (230 Kb)

8/2011. Anders Stenberg, Xavier de Luna, Olle Westerlund. Does Formal Education for Older Workers Increase Earnings? Analyzing Annual Data Stretching Over 25 Years (1099 Kb)

7/2011. Hans Grönqvist. Youth Unemployment and Crime: New Lessons Exploring Longitudinal Register Data (252 Kb)

6/2011. Anders Björklund, Karin Hederos Eriksson, Marianne Sundström. Children of Unknown Fathers: Prevalence and Outcomes in Sweden (153 Kb)

5/2011. Lex Borghans, Bart H. H. Golsteyn, James Heckman, John Eric Humphries. Identification Problems in Personality Psychology (222 Kb)

4/2011. Anders Stenberg. Nature or Nurture? A Note on the Misinterpreted Twin Decomposition (129 Kb)

3/2011. Kristian Koerselman.  Tracking: Cross-national and UK Evidence (257 Kb)

2/2011. Walter Korpi, Tommy Ferrarini, Stefan Englund. Women's Opportunities under Different Constellations of Family Policies in Western Countries: Inequality Tradeoffs Re-examined (341 Kb)

1/2011. Kristian Koerselman. Bias from the use of mean-based methods on test scores (447 Kb)


11/2010. Lex Borghans, Bart H.H. Golsteyn. Job Mobility in Europe, Japan and the U.S. (220 Kb)

10/2010. Olof Åslund, Per-Anders Edin, Hans Grönqvist. Peers, neighborhoods and immigrant student achievement - evidence from a placement policy (257 Kb)

9/2010. Anders Björklund, Jesper Roine, Daniel Waldenström. Intergenerational top income mobility in S (284 Kb)

8/2010. Torsten Santavirta. How Large are the Effects from Temporary Changes in Family Environment: Evidence from a Child-evacuation Program during WWII (295 Kb)

7/2010. Susan Niknami. Intergenerational Transmission of Education among Immigrant Mothers and their Daughters in Sweden (371 Kb)

6/2010. Pernilla Andersson Joona, Eskil Wadensjö. Bemanningsbranschen 1998-2005: En bransch i förändring? (446 Kb)

5/2010. Patrik Gränsmark. A Rib Less Makes you Consistent but Impatient: A Gender Comparison of Expert Chess Players (193 Kb)

4/2010. Patrik Gränsmark. Social Screening and Cooperation Among Expert Chess Players (206 Kb)

3/2010. Anders Björklund, Donna K. Ginther, Marianne Sundström. Does Marriage Matter for Children? Assessing the Impact of Legal Marriage in Sweden (479 Kb)

2/2010. Lalaina Hirvonen. Accounting for Intergenerational Earnings Persistence: Can We Distinguish Between Education, Skills, and Health? (454 Kb)

1/2010. Donna K. Ginther, Marianne Sundström. Does Marriage Lead to Specialization? An Evaluation of Swedish Trends in Adult Earnings Before and After Marriage (426 Kb)


9/2009. Kenneth Nelson. Minimum Income Protection and Low-Income Standards: Is Social Assistance Enough for Poverty Alleviation? (310 Kb)

8/2009. Ante Farm. Unemployment and Vacancies (205 Kb)

7/2009. Martin Hällsten, Tomas Korpi, Michael Tåhlin.  Globalization and uncertainty: Earnings volatility in Sweden, 1985-2003 (299 Kb)

6/2009. Per Lundborg. Distributional Effects of Wage Leadership: Evidence from Sweden (263 Kb)

5/2009. Robert Erikson, Jenny Torssander. Marital Partner and Mortality: The Effects of Social Positions of Both Spouses (102 Kb)

4/2009. Robert Erikson, John H. Goldthorpe. Income and Class Mobility Between Generations in Great Britain: The Problem of Divergent Findings from the Data-sets of Birth... (219 Kb)

3/2009. Ante Farm. Market Sharing and Price Leadership (182 Kb)

2/2009. Lalaina Hirvonen. The Effect of Children on Earnings Using Exogenous Variation in Family Size: Swedish Evidence (525 Kb)

1/2009. Anders Stenberg. Upgrading the Low Skilled: Is Public Provision of Formal Education a Sensible Policy? (282 Kb)


6/2008. Xavier de Luna, Anders Stenberg, Olle Westerlund. Can Adult Education Delay Retirement from the Labour Market? (138 Kb)

5/2008. Jenny Torssander, Robert Erikson. "Stratification and Mortality - A Comparison of Education, Class, Status and Income". (105 Kb)

4/2008. Matthew J. Lindquist, Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist. "The Dynamics of Child Poverty in Sweden" (192 Kb)

3/2008. Per Lundborg. "Wage Redistribution and the Long Run Phillips Curve". (193 Kb)

2/2008. Rickard Eriksson. "Is women's non-market time more valuable than men's?" (50 Kb)

1/2008. Rickard Eriksson, Magnus Nermo. "Care for sick children as a proxy for gender equality in the family". (88 Kb)


13/2007. Robert Erikson, John H. Goldthorpe. McIntosh and Munk's Supposed Test of the Validity of the E-G Class Schema: A Comment (41 Kb)

12/2007. Per Lundborg. Which Wage Dispersion Matters to Firms' Performance? (150 Kb)

11/2007. Kenneth Nelson. Introducing SaMip: The Social Assistance and Minimum Income Protection Interim Dataset (173 Kb)

10/2007. Tomas Korpi, Michael Tåhlin. Educational mismatch, wages, and wage growth: Overeducation in Sweden, 1974-2000 (184 Kb)

9/2007. Helena Holmlund. A Researcher's Guide to the Swedish Compulsory School Reform (268 Kb)

8/2007. Krister Sund. Estimating Peer Effects in Swedish High School using School, Teacher, and Student Fixed Effects (95 Kb)

7/2007. Jenny Säve-Söderbergh. Are Women Asking for Low Wages? Gender Differences in Wage Bargaining Strategies and Ensuing Bargaining Success (276 Kb)

6/2007. Anders Stenberg. Evidence on the Impact of Adult Upper Secondary Education in Sweden (295 Kb)

5/2007. Christina Jonung, Ann-Charlotte Ståhlberg. The Fruits of Economics - A Treat for Women? On gender balance in the economics profession (186 Kb)

4/2007. Anders Björklund. Family Background and Outcomes Later in Life: A (Partial and Personal) Survey of Recent Research Using Swedish Register Data (52 Kb)

3/2007. Pathric Hägglund. Effects of Changes in the Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Requirements on Job Duration - Swedish Evidence (192 Kb)

2/2007. Pathric Hägglund. Are there pre-programme effects of Swedish active labour market policies? Evidence from three randomised experiments (161 Kb)

1/2007. Gunnar Isacsson, Håkan Regnér. Changes during the 1990's in the location of Swedish Power Couples: Consequences and Explanations (249 Kb)


9/2006. Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist, Jenny Säve-Söderbergh. Testing the rationality assumption using a design difference in the TV Game-show 'Jeopardy' (194 Kb)

8/2006. Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist. Tournaments and Unfair Treatment (329 Kb)

7/2006. Charlotta Stern, Daniel B. Klein. The Ideological Profile of Faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences: A Reply to Zipp and Fenwick (185 Kb)

6/2006. Charlotta Stern, Daniel B. Klein. Is There a Free-Market Economist in the House? The Policy Views of American Economic Association Members (192 Kb)

5/2006. Lalaina Hirvonen. Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Among Daughters and Sons: Evidence from Sweden and a Comparison with the United States (289 Kb)

4/2006. Helena Holmlund. Intergenerational Mobility and Assortative Mating. Effects of an Educational Reform (161 Kb)

3/2006. Lena Granqvist, Håkan Regnér. The outcome of individual bargaining and the influence of managers' bargaining power: evidence from union data (130 Kb)

2/2006. Krister Sund. Detracking Swedish Secondary Schools - Any Losers, Any Winners? (129 Kb)

1/2006. Gabriella Sjögren Lindquist, Eskil Wadensjö. The Swedish Welfare State: The Role of Supplementary Compensations (108 Kb)


9/2005. Rickard Eriksson. Parental Leave in Sweden: The Effects of the Second Daddy Month (58 Kb)

8/2005. Daniel B. Klein, Charlotta Stern. Narrow-Tent Democrats and Fringe Others: The Policy Views of Social Science Professors (578 Kb)

7/2005. Jenny Säve-Söderbergh. Who is Willing to Let Ethics Guide His Economic Decision-Making? Evidence from Individual Investments in Ethical Funds. (232 Kb)

6/2005. Anders Böhlmark. Age at Immigration and School Performance: A Siblings Analysis Using Swedish Register Data (290 Kb)

5/2005. Helena Holmlund, Krister Sund. Is the Gender Gap in School Performance Affected by the Sex of the Teacher? (130 Kb)

4/2005. Matthew J. Lindquist, Anders Böhlmark. Life-Cycle Variations in the Association between Current and Lifetime Income: Country, Cohort and Gender Comparisons (348 Kb)

3/2005. Pathric Hägglund. Job-search Assistance Using the Internet - Evidence from a Swedish Randomised Experiment (134 Kb)

2/2005. Matthew J. Lindquist. Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality in Sweden (294 Kb)

1/2005. Ante Farm. A Theory of Vacancies (90 Kb)


8/2004. Matthew J. Lindquist, Roger Vilhelmsson. Is the Swedish Central Government a Wage Leader? (225 Kb)

7/2004. Helena Persson, Håkan Regnér. Universities in the regional economy. Evidence from Swedish employer-employee linked data (438 Kb)

6/2004. Pernilla Andersson, Eskil Wadensjö. Statistik om bemanningsbranschen. Presentation och jämförelser av två nya databaser (159 Kb)

5/2004. Rickard Eriksson. Testing for Price Leadership and for Reputation Goods Effects: Swedish Dental Services (114 Kb)

4/2004. Anders Björklund, Marianne Sundström. Parental Separation and Children’s Educational Attainment: A Siblings Analysis on Swedish Register Data (68 Kb)

3/2004. John Ekberg, Rickard Eriksson, Guido Friebel. Sharing Responsibility? Short- and Long-term Effects of Sweden’s “Daddy-Month” Reform (227 Kb)

2/2004. Edwin Leuven, Mikael Lindahl, Hessel Oosterbeek, Dinand Webbink. The Effect of Extra Funding for Disadvantaged Pupils on Achievement (96 Kb)

1/2004. Helena Holmlund. Estimating Long-Term Consequences of Teenage Childbearing – An Examination of the Siblings Approach (279 Kb)


5/2003. Walter Korpi. Welfare State Regress in Western Europe: Politics, Institutions, Globalization and Europeanization (195 Kb)

4/2003. Lena Lindahl, Håkan Regnér. College choice and subsequent earnings. Results using Swedish sibling data (196 Kb)

3/2003. Espen R. Moen, Åsa Rosén. Equilibrium Incentive Contracts (286 Kb)

2/2003. Ante Farm. Vacancies, Hirings, and the Duration Function (183 Kb)

1/2003. Ante Farm. Defining and Measuring Unmet Labour Demand (39 Kb)


6/2002. Tommy Ferrarini, Kenneth Nelson. Estimating Post-tax Social Insurance Benefits: Validity Problems in Comparative Analyses of Net Income Components from Household (149 Kb)

5/2002. Lena Lindahl. Do birth order and family size matter for intergenerational income mobility? (209 Kb)

4/2002. Espen R. Moen, Åsa Rosén. Does poaching distort training? (429 Kb)

3/2002. Knut Röed, Peter Jensen, Anna Thoursie. Unemployment Duration, Incentives and Institutions - A Micro-Econometric Analysis Based on Scandinavian Data (198 Kb)

2/2002. Thor Norström, Ole-Jörgen Skog. Effekter av lördagsöppna Systembolagsbutiker. Uppföljning av de första 17 månaderna (486 Kb)

1/2002. Jan Selén, Ann-Charlotte Ståhlberg. The Importance of Sickness Benefits Rights for a Comparison of Wages (152 Kb)


2/2001. Espen R. Moen, Åsa Rosén. Performance pay and adverse selection (181 Kb)

1/2001. Åsa Rosén, Etienne Wasmer. Higher Education Levels, Firms' Outside Options and the Wage Structure (1545 Kb)


8/2000. Ante Farm. Job Openings, Hirings, and Unmet Demand: A New Approach to the Matching Function and the Beveridge Curve (80 Kb)

7/2000. Carl le Grand, Ryszard Szulkin. Permanent Disadvantage or Gradual Integration: Explaining the Immigrant-Native Earnings Gap in Sweden (73 Kb)

6/2000. Helena Orrje. The Incidence of On-the-Job Training. An Empirical Study Using Swedish Data (72 Kb)

5/2000. Jan Selén, Ann-Charlotte Ståhlberg. Survivor's Pension Rights and Wages (52 Kb)

4/2000. Walter Korpi. Contentious Institutions: An Augmented Rational-Actor Analysis of the Origins and Path Dependency of Welfare State Institutions (121 Kb)

3/2000. Stefan Englund. Skuldsaneringslagen ur ett gäldenärsperspektiv (183 Kb)

2/2000. Mia Hultin, Ryszard Szulkin. Mechanisms of Inequality: Unequal Access to Organizational Power and the Gender Wage Gap (103 Kb)

1/2000. Ursula Henz, Marianne Sundström. Partner Choice and Women's Paid Work in Sweden - The Role of Earnings (105 Kb)