Camille Landais (LSE)

"Do the Rich Flee Wealth Taxes? Evidence From Scandinavia"



Alexandra de Gendre (Sydney)

"On the Mechanisms of Ability Peer Effects"



Arnaud Philippe (Bristol)

"Learning by doing: How do criminals learn about criminal law?"



Catherine Eckel (Texas A&M)

"The Democratic Peace: An experimental test of a causal relation and of underlying mechanisms"



Natalia Zinovyeva (Warwick)

"Top Researchers as Academic Evaluators"



Heather Sarsons (Chicago)

"Flexible Wages, Bargaining, and the Gender Gap



Ana Costa-Ramon (Zurich)

"The Career Costs of Children's Health Shocks"



Basit Zafar (Michigan)

"A (Dynamic) Investigation of Stereotypes, Belief-updating, and Behavior"



Michael Siegenthaler (Zurich)

"Characteristics, causes, and consequences of ethnic discrimination in online recruiting” 



Olivier Marie (Maastricht)

"Pill Vs Gatekeeper Power? Birth Control Access, Religious Beliefs, and Women's Outcomes"



Pierre Cahuc (Sciences-Po)

"The Heterogeneous Effects of Short-Time Work"





Job talk: Nickolas Gagnon (Maastricht)

"The Effect of Unfair Chances and Gender Discrimination on Labor Supply"



Job talk: Elisabeth Grewenig (Michigan)

"Gender Norms and Labor-Supply Expectations: Experimental Evidence from Adolescents"



Job talk: Christoph Albert (UPF)

"Immigration and Spatial Equilibrium: The Role of Expenditures in the Country of Origin"



Job talk: Victor Hernandez (Rochester)

"Who are Credit Constrained among Unemployed Workers? Answers from Conditional vs Unconditional Income Transfers" 



Job talk: Louis-Pierre Lepage (Michigan)

"Endogenous Learning, Persistent Employer Biases, and Discrimination"



Job talk: Serena Canaan (AU Beirut)

"The Impact of Religious Diversity on Student's Academic and Behavioural Outcomes"



Job talk: Pierre Mouganie (AU Beirut)

"Advisor Value Added and Student Outcomes: Evidence from Randomly Assigned College Advisors"



Job talk: Francesca Salvati (UCL)

"Health Inequality, Labor Supply and Retirement Policies"



Job talk: Marie-Pascale Grimon (Harvard)

"Effects of the Child Protection System on Parents"



Job talk: Sara Signorelli (PSE)

"Do Skilled Migrants Compete with Native Workers? Analysis of a Selective Immigration Policy"



Job talk: Paul Hufe (Munich)

"The Parental Wage Gap and the Development of Socio-emotional Skills in Children"





Giuseppe Sorrenti (Zurich)

"Welfare, Workfare and Labor Supply: A Unified Ex Post and Ex Ante Evaluation"


Xiaoyue Shan (Zurich)

"Does Minority Status Drive Women Out Of Male-Dominated Fields?"



Mirjam Wentzel (NHH)

"Formal Child Care and Later-in-Life Delinquency: Can Early Childhood Interventions Affect Criminal Behavior?"



Matteo Sandi (LSE)

"School Indiscipline and Crime"



Michela Carlana (Harvard)

"Parents and peers: The cost of gender stereotypes"


Ulf Zoelitz (Zurich)

"The Causal Impact of Socio-Emotional Skills Training on Educational Success"



Sana Ericsson (Lund)

"Cultural norms and neighbourhood exposure: impacts on the gender gap in math"



Luca Repetto (Uppsala)

"Long-run Consequences of High-Quality College on the Labor Market and Family Outcomes"



Daniel Waldenström (IFN)

"The Ability Gradient in Bunching"



Perihan Saygin (U Florida)

"Gender Differences in Willingness to Guess on High-Stakes Standardized Tests"



Anne Boring (Erasmus)

"Improving student evaluations of teaching"



Jose de Sousa (Paris-Saclay)

"The Positive Effects of Affirmative Action: A Case Study in France"



Felix Weinhardt (Berlin)

"Immigration and the Evolution of Local Cultural Norms"



Fanny Landaud (NHH)

"School Selectivity, Peers and Mental Health"



Ariel Pihl (Gothenburg)

"Using Subjective Expectations to Explain Expected and Actual College Major Choice"



Edwin Leuven (Oslo)

"Event Studies, Endogenous Timing and the Child Penalty"



Oscar Erixson (Uppsala)

"Smart and Generous"





Anna Bindler (Gothenburg)

"Scaring or Scarring? Labour Market Effects of Criminal Victimisation"



Charles Bellemare (Laval Quebec)

"Video CV and Job Search of Persons with and without Disabilities"



Morgane Laouénan (Paris 1)

"Outsourcing Recruitment as a Solution to Prevent Discrimination: a Correspondance Study"



Jan Stuhler (Carlos III)

"Name-Based Estimators of Intergeneration Mobility: Evidence from Finnish Veterans"



Martin Eckhoff Andresen (Statistics Norway)

"What Causes the Child Penalty? Evidence from Same-Sex Couples and Policy Reforms"



Eva Ranehill (Gothenburg)

"Do Gender Preference Gaps Impact Policy Outcomes?"



Matthew Lindquist (SOFI)

"The Health Effects of Prison"



GS: Jessica Preece (BYU)

"Gender, Authority, and Group Dynamics: A Field Experiment"



Kaisa Kotakorpi (Tampere)            

"Does Complexity Matter for Benefit Take-up? Empirical Evidence from a Universal Childcare Benefit"



GS:Lee Badgett (U Mass Amherst)

"The Impact of a Ban on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination on Federal Contractors"



Maria Perotta Berlin (SITE)           

"Prostitution and Violence. Evidence from Sweden"



Shulamit Kahn (Boston)      

"The Asymmetric Gendered Landscape of Women in STEM: A Research Synthesis"



Kevin Lang (Boston)

“Ordinal Scales in Empirical Economics: Test Score Gaps, Happiness and Other Tales of Woe"



Philip Oreopoulos (University of Toronto)

The Remarkable Unresponsiveness of College Students to Nudging And What We Can Learn from It



Tobin Hanspal (Frankfurt) 

Do Financial Misconduct Experiences Spur White-Collar Crime?



Pamela Campa (SSE)          

Gender and Government Formation



Marta Martinez (UAM)       

Education, Labour Market Experience and Cognitive Skills: Evidence from PIAAC



Jan Beitenbeck (Lund)        

“Intensive and Extensive Margin Effects of Tuition Fees in Higher Education”."



GS: Thomas Breda  

Can Female Role Models Reduce the Gender Gap in Science? Evidence from Classroom Interventions in French High Schools"



Matti Sarvimäki (Aalto)         

"The Making of Social Democracy: The Economic and Electoral Consequences of Norway's 1935 School Reform”



GS: Astrid Kunze (NHH Bergen)   

Universal Childcare for the Youngest and the Maternal Labour Supply



Job Talk: Pierre Deschamps(Sciences-Po) 

Gender Quotas in Hiring Committees: a Boon or a Bane for Women?



Job Talk: Soledad Giardili (Queen Mary University)     

Single-sex Schools and Student Achievement: Early-age Evidence from Admission Lotteries



Job Talk: Margarita Machelett (Brown University)         

Gender price gaps and competition: Evidence from a correspondence study



Job Talk: Marta Lopes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)  

Job Security and Fertility Decisions



Job Talk: José Montalbán Castilla (Paris School of Economics) 

Countering moral hazard in higher education: The role of performance incentives in need-based grants



Job Talk: Luise Görges (Hamburg University)     

Wage earners, homemakers & gender identity—Using an artefactual field experiment to understand couples’ labour division choices



Job Talk: Ying Shi (Stanford University)  

Expertise and Independence on Governing Boards: Evidence from School Districts



Job Talk: Dario Sansone (Georgetown University)          

Pink Work. Same-Sex Marriage, Employment and Discrimination




Erin Hengel (University of Liverpool)

Publishing while female. Are women held to higher standards? Evidence from peer review.



Miriam Wust ( The  Danish  Centre  for  Social  Science  Research)

Nurse home visiting, child health and parental investments - Evidence from a nurse strike



Abhijeet Singh (SSE)

Understanding the Flailing State: Experimental Evidence from a Large Scale School Governance Improvement Program in India



Aureo de Paula (UCL)
Recovering Social Networks from Panel Data: Identification, Simulations and an Application



Nagore Iriberri (University of the Basque Country)

Are Referees and Editors in Economics Gender Neutral?



Gordon Dahl (UCSD)

Incarceration Spillovers in Criminal and Family Networks



Alyssa Schneebaum (WU Wien)

Marriage Rights and the Household Division of Labor



Trude Lappegård  (SSB Norway)

Father Involvement and Fertility 



Diego Batiston (NE SU)

The Persistent Effects of Brief Interactions: Evidence from Immigrant Ships



Eirini Tatsi (SOFI)

Common Pitfalls in the Interpretation of Peer Effects



Marianne Bitler (UC Davis)

Long Run Effects of Food Assistance and Early Human Capital Programs



Maria Charles (UCSB)
Gender Attitudes in Africa: Liberal Egalitarianism in 34 Countries



Gerard Pfann (Maastricht)

Teach Your Children Well: Determinants and Consequences of Parenting Styles


June 14

Patrick Button (Tulane University)

Employment Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples in the United States: Evidence from a Field Experiment


May 31

David Neumark (UCI)

The Long-Run Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Women’s Earnings


May 24

Arna Olafsson (Copenhagen Business School)

Non-Standard Behaviors and Choice Imperfections: Evidence from Experimental and Administrative Data


May 17

Aline Buetikofer (Norwegian School of Economics)

The Impact of Paid Maternity Leave on Maternal Health


May 3

Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics)

Why do people stay poor?


April 26

Andreea Mitrut (Gothenburg University)

Abortion and Crime


April 19

Ben Vollaard (Tilburg University)

Breaking habits: A field experiment


April 12

Libertad Gonzalez (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

The Effects of Paternity Leave on Fertility and Labor Market Outcomes


March  22    
Susan Niknami (SOFI)    
The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Incarceration

March 15    
Charlotta Boström (SOFI)    
The Effects from Graduating College in a Recession – The Swedish Case

March 08    
Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University London)    
Gender norms and economic incentives

February  22    
Mircea Trandafir (Southern Denmark University)    
Effects of Radiation Therapy on the Labor Market Outcomes of Breast Cancer Patients

February  15    
Torsten Santavirta (SOFI)    
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be? The effect of disruptive peers.

February  08    
Giuseppe Sorrenti (University of Zurich)    
Money vs. Time: Family Income, Maternal Labor Supply, and Child Development

February 01    
Mari Rege (UiS Business School)    
Leveling the playing field: An intervention to promote school readiness





December 7
Manuel Bagues (Aalto)
Can Gender Quotas in Candidate Lists Empower Women? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design (joint with Pamela Campa)


November 30
Arizo Karimi (Uppsala University)
Parenthood, Family Friendly Firms, and the Gender Gaps in Work Careers


November 23
Martin Lange (ZEW)
Immigration and Hate Crime. Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Attacks against Asylum Seekers in Germany, with Horst Entorf

November 9
Björn Hinnerich (Stockholm University)
Gender Quotas in the Board Room and Firm Performance: Evidence from a Credible Threat in Sweden, with Joakim Jansson

October 26
Anna Sjögren (IFAU)
"Childcare - A safety net for children?"

October 19
Biagio Speciale (Paris School of Economics)
The Effect of Language Training on Immigrants’ Economic Integration. Empirical Evidence from France, with Alexia Lochmann and Hillel Rapoport

October 12
Linas Tarasonis (CEFER Bank of Lithuania)
The Life-cycle Profile of Worker Flows in Europe joint with Etienne Lalé (UQAM)

September 28
Ian Burn (SOFI)
Does Discrimination Deter Women From Majoring in STEM? Evidence from a Lab Experiment

September 14
Walter Korpi (SOFI)
Partisan Politics and Socio-Economic Institutions in the Long Waves of Unemployment in Distributional Conflict in Western Employment Relations, 1920-2015: From Great Depression through Full Employment to European Federalization

September 7
Daniel Knutsson (Stockholm University)
Infant Health Monitoring and Mortality: Evidence From a Universal Reform in Sweden


August 31
Douglas Almond (Columbia University)
Gender and Perinatal Health among 1 Million American-Born Chinese


August 24
Matthew Lindquist (SOFI)
Key Players in Co-Offending Networks



June 15    
Emma von Essen (Aarhus University)    
Exploration in Teams and the Encouragement Effect: Theory and Experimental Evidence

June 08    
PhD Defense - Niklas Kaunitz (SOFI)    
Workers, Firms and Welfare : Four Essays in Economics, Opponent: Erik Lindqvist (Stockholm School of Economics)

June 01
Daniel Waldenström (IFN and Paris School of Economics)    
Global Earnings Inequality, 1970–2015, with Olle Hammar

May 18
Marianne Simonsen (Aarhus University)    
Piling Pills? Forward-looking Behavior and Stockpiling of Prescription Drugs, with Lars Skipper and Niels Skipper

May 11    
Doris Weichselbaumer (University of Linz)    
Discrimination Against Female Migrants Wearing Headscarves

May 04    
Erik Plug (University of Amsterdam)    
Enriching Students Pays Off: Evidence from an Individualized Gifted and Talented Program in Secondary Education, with Ferry Haan and Adam Booij

April 27    
Silvia Helena Barcellos (University of Southern California)    
Heterogeneous Effects of Education on Health



April 20
Martin Berlin (SOFI)
Final Seminar
Essays on the Measurement and Determinants of Subjective Well-Being

April 6
Joakim Ruist (University of Gothenburg)
Long Live your Ancestors’ American Dream: The Self-selection and Multigenerational Mobility of American Immigrants

April 4
1st Stockholm-Uppsala Education Economics Workshop

March 30
Erik Lindqvist (Stockholm School of Economics)
The Effect of Wealth on Life Satisfaction and Happiness

March 27
Niklas Kaunitz (SOFI)
Final Seminar

March 23
Peter Fredriksson (Stockholm University)
Maternal Age and Childrens' Long-term Outcomes, with Kristiina Huttunen and Björn Öckert

March 16
Eirini Tatsi (SOFI)
Peer Effects, Free-riding and Team Composition, with Danny Steinbach

March 9
Martina Zweimueller (University of Linz)
The Effect of Statutory Sick-pay on Workers' Labor Supply and Subsequent Health

March 6
Karin Hederos, Ante Farm, Iman Dadgar, Karin Edmark, Jan Sulak
Speed Brown Bag

February 23
Eirini Tatsi (SOFI)
Spatial Nexus in Crime and Unemployment in Times of Crisis, with Povilas Lastauskas

February 16
Minghao Li (Pennsylvania State University)
Job Talk
Education Equity and Intergenerational Mobility: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Court-ordered School Finance Reforms

January 31
Anna Baiardi (University of Warwick)
Job Talk
The Persistent Effect of Gender Division of Labour: African American Women After Slavery

January 26
Clémentine Van Effenterre (Paris School of Economics)
Job Talk
Do Women Want to Work More or More Regularly? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

January 24
Ian Burn (University of California-Irvine)
Job Talk
Pride, Prejudice, and Wages: An Empirical Assessment of Models of Taste-Based Discrimination for Gay Men

January 19
Cristina Bellés Obrero (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Job Talk
Who is Learning? A Field Experiment Comparing Three Different Incentive Schemes in the Same Educational Setting

January 17
Omar Bamieh (European University Institute)
Job Talk
Firing Costs, Employment and Misallocation Evidence from Randomly–Assigned Judges

January 12
Víctor Hugo González Jiménez (Tilburg University)
Job Talk
Social Status and Performance: Theory and Evidence





December 15
Farzad Saidi (Stockholm School of Economics)
Inequality, Relative Income, and Human Capital Investment (with Jere Behrman, Ricardo Godoy, and Eduardo Undurraga)

December 8
Nadine Ketel (University of Gothenburg)
Job-search Periods for Welfare Applicants: Evidence from a Randomised Experiment (with Jonneke Bolhaar and Bas van der Klaauw)

December 1
Lina Aldén (Linnaeus University)
Immigration and Native Self-employment - Is there a Crowding-out Effect? (with Mats Hammarstedt and Emma Neuman) 

November 24
Oskar Nordström Skans (Uppsala University)
Social Connections and the Matching of Workers and Firms (with Marcus Eliason, Francis Kramarz and Lena Hensvik)


November 17
Anna Sandberg (IIES)
Gender Dynamics in Referral-based Hiring: A field Experiment (with Karin Hederos, Lukas Kvissberg and Erik Polano)

November 10
Dan-Olof Rooth (SOFI)
Can Gender Attitudes Change? The Effect of Randomly Assigning Women to Traditionally Male Teams (with Gordon B. Dahl, Henning Finseraas and Andreas Kotsedam)

November 7
Karin Edmark (SOFI)
SOFI Brown Bag
Location Choices of Swedish Voucher Schools and the Modifiable Area Unit Problem

October 24
Charlotta Boström (SOFI)
SOFI Brown Bag
Graduating in a Recession - the Swedish Case

October 20
Per Lundborg (SOFI)
Refugee Immigration and the Labor Market of Young Natives

October 13
Johanna Rickne (IFN)
Divorced Women Rule: Career Success and the Durability of Marriage (with Olle Folke)

October 10
Hanna Mühlrad (SOFI and University of Gothenburg)
SOFI Brown Bag
Delivery Mode for High-risk Pregnancies: Effects on Fertility, Health and Labor Market Outcomes

October 7
André Richter (SOFI)
SOFI Final Seminar
Essays on the Role of Prenatal Health and Fertility for the Inheritance of Disadvantage
Discussant: Adrian Adermon (Uppsala University)

September 26
Martin Nybom (SOFI)
SOFI Brown Bag
The Rising Return to Noncognitive Skill (with P-A Edin, P. Fredriksson and B. Öckert)

September 22
Alexander Willén (Cornell University)
The Consequences of Tipping-Induced Ethnic Residential Segregation on Long-Term Educational Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes (with Anders Böhlmark)

September 12
Martin Berlin (SOFI)
SOFI Brown Bag
The Relationship Between Life Satisfaction and Affective Well-Being


September 8
Stefan Pichler (ETH Zurich)
The Double Whammy Generation? - Investigating the Long-Term Effects of Exposure to the Spanish Flu Pandemic and the Great Depression


September 1
Margherita Comola (Paris School of Economics)
An Experimental Study of Decentralized Link Formation with Competition


June 9
Sunčica Vujić (University of Antwerp)
Fertility Timing and Education


June 2
Sonia Bhalotra (Essex University)
The Twin Instrument and The Fertility-Investment Trade-Off


May 19
Anna Raute (Mannheim University)
Can Financial Incentives Reduce the Baby Gap?- Evidence from a Reform in Maternity Leave Benefits

May 12
Anna Aizer (Brown University)
Lead and Juvenile Delinquency

May 2 - Brown Bag
Per Enzgell (SOFI)
Reexamining Biological Explanations for Social Inequalities in Education

April 28
Anne Boschini (SOFI)
The Gender Distribution of Top Incomes in Sweden 

April 25 - Brown Bag
Theodor Vladasel (Copenhagen Business School)
Family Background and Entrepreneurship

April 21
Martin Halla (University of Innsbruck and IZA)
The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Parental Leave Policies

April 18 - Brown Bag
Roujman Shahbazian (SOFI)
All in the Family: Intergenerational Transmission of Risk Attitudes

April 14
Anders Björklund (SOFI)
Early Health and School Outcomes for Children with Same-sex Parents. Evidence from Sweden

April 7 
Marie Lalanne (SAFE and Goethe University Frankfurt) 
Job Networks and Independent Board Appointments: Evidence from US Publicly Quoted Companies

April 4 - Brown Bag
Niklas Kaunitz (SOFI)
Payroll Taxes and Firm Performance

March 31
Vincent Boucher (Laval University) 
My Friend Far Far Away

March 17
Gerald Pruckner (University of Linz and SOFI)
Cutting Fertility? The Effect of Cesarean Deliveries on Subsequent Fertility and Maternal Labor Supply

March 14 - Brown Bag
Edoardo Rainone (Bank of Italy and SOFI)
On Heterogeneity, Endogeneity and Measurement of Social Interactions

March 10
Climent Quintana-Domeque (University of Oxford)
Choosing Season of Birth

February 25 
Massimo Anelli (Bocconi University) 
Foreign Peer Effects and Native Major Choices

February 22 - Brown Bag
André Richter (SOFI)
Second Generation Effects of Prenatal Health Shocks: Disentangling Biological from Social Pathways

February 18
Thomas Cornelissen (University of York)
Who Benefits from Universal Childcare? Estimating Marginal Returns to Early Childcare Attendance

February 11 
Benjamin Elsner (IZA Bonn)
A Big Fish in a Small Pond: Ability Rank and Human Capital Investment

February 4  
Francis Kramarz (CREST, Ecole polytechnique, ENSAE)
Insurance Between Firms: The Role of Internal Labor Markets

January 28 
André Richter (SOFI)
When Mobility Meets Fertility: The Role of Fertility Differences for Intergenerational Mobility Estimates

January 25 - Brown Bag
Matthew Lindqvist (SOFI)
The Causal Effect of Military Conscription on Crime and the Labor Market

January 21
Martin Berlin (SOFI)
Assessing the Cardinality of Subjective Well-Being Measures



December 17 
Fabian Lange (McGill University)
Heterogeneity or Duration Dependence? New Evidence from Labor Force Histories

December 10 
Jan Sauermann (SOFI)
Short- and Long-term Effects of Vocational vs. General Schooling

December 3 
Katja Kaufmann (University of Mannheim)
Elite Higher Education, the Marriage Market and the Intergeneration

November 19 
Mirjam van Praag (Copenhagen Business School)
Women Do not Play Their Aces - The Consequences of Shying Away

November 12 
Therese Nilsson (Lund University and IFN Stockholm)
Early Life Health Interventions: Effects on Sickness Absence, Academic Performance and Long-Term Outcomes

November 5 
Karin Edmark (SOFI)
The Effects of Attending a Private Upper Secondary School: Evidence Using Location as an Instrument

October 22 
Katrine V. Løken (University of Bergen)
Long-Term Consequences of Access to Well-child Visits (joint with Aline Bütikofer and Kjell Salvanes)

October 19 - Brown Bag Seminar
Valerio Leone Sciabolazza (La Sapienza University and SOFI)
The Effect of Network Segregation Strategies on Wage Formation: An Application to the Sri Lankan Community Case in Milan, Italy

October 15 
Andrea Weber (University of Mannheim)
The Effects of Increasing the Early Retirement Age on Employment of Older Workers (with Day Manoli)

October 8 
Marianne Sundström (SOFI)
Improving the Integration of Refugees: An Early Evaluation of a Swedish Reform (with Pernilla Andersson Joona and Alma Wennemo Lanninger)

October 5 - Brown Bag Seminar
Nathan Wilmers (Harvard University)
Do Labor Unions Raise Wages? Measuring Union Effects on Wages with Iinvestment Shocks

October 1 
Georg Graetz (Uppsala University)
Robots at Work (with Guy Michaels)

September 24 
Libertad González (Pompeu Fabra Barcelona)
The Impact of Scheduling Birth Early on Infant Health (with Cristina Borra and Almudena Sevilla)

September 21 - Brown Bag Seminar
Eirini Tatsi  (SOFI) and Simona Bejenariu (SOFI) and Marc Sommer (SOFI) 

September 17 
Panu Poutvaara (LMU and Ifo)
International Migration of Couples (with Martin Junge and Martin D. Munk)

September 10 
Michael F. Lovenheim (Cornell University)
The Effects of Targeted Recruitment and Comprehensive Supports for Low-Income High Achievers at Elite Universities: Evidence from Texas Flagships (with Rodney Andrews and Scott Imberman)

September 7 - Brown Bag Seminar
Anne Boschini (SOFI) and Karin Edmark (SOFI)

September 3 
Andre Richter (SOFI)
Parental Investments and Childrens' Initial Health Endowments

June 17 
Petra Persson (Stanford University)
Competition and the Consequences of Grade Inflation (with Rebecca Diamond)

June 11 
Jan Stuhler (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and SOFI)
The Transmission of Inequality Across Multiple Generations: Testing Recent Theories with Evidence from Germany (with Sebastian Braun)

June 4 
Simon Janssen (IAB Nuremberg)
The Long-lasting Effect of Technological Change on the Careers of Young Workers: Evidence from Changes of Mandatory Training Regulations (with Jens Mohrenweiser)

June 1 - Brown Bag Seminar
Sara Ayllón Gatnau (University of Girona)
On the Poverty-happiness Feedback Loop

May 28 
Gerard Pfann (Maastricht University and SOFI)
The Road to Self-Employment: Comparing Transgenerational Entrepreneurs and Self-Made Start-Ups (with Boris Blumberg)

May 22 
Nico Voigtländer (UCLA)
Bowling for Fascism: Social Capital and the Rise of the Nazi Party. (with S. Satyanath and J. Voth)

May 22 
Per Olof Robling (SOFI)
PhD Defense - Essays on the Origins of Human Capital, Crime and Income Inequality

May 11 - Brown Bag Seminar
Iman Dadgar and Thor Norström (SOFI)
Long- and Short-term Effects of GDP on Traffic Fatalities in 21 OECD-countries, 1960-2011

May 7 
Per Krusell (IIES)
The Historical Evolution of the Wealth Distribution: A Quantitative-theoretic Investigation (with Joachim Hubmer and Tony Smith)

April 23 
Anna Dreber Almenberg (HHS)
Using Prediction Markets to Estimate the Reproducibility of Science (with Thomas Pfeiffer, Johan Almenberg, Siri Isaksson, Brad Wilson, Yiling Chen, Brian A. Nosek and Magnus Johannesson)

April 16 
Thomas Buser (University of Amsterdam)
The Impact of Losing in a Competition on the Willingness to Seek Further Challenges

April 9 
Mathias Schuhmann (University of Hamburg)
The Effect of Minimum Wages on Firm-Financed Training

March 30 - Brown Bag Seminar
Jan Sauermann (SOFI)
Gender Bias in Performance Evaluations (with Friederike Mengel and Ulf Zölitz)

March 26 
Nikolaj Harmon (University of Copenhagen)
Dishonesty and Selection into Public Administration in Denmark: Who Runs the World’s Least Corrupt Public Sector?

March 19  
Anna Piil Damm (Aarhus University)
Deal Drugs Once, Deal Drugs Twice: Peer Effects in Prisons (with Cédric Gorinas)

March 12 
Rasmus Landersø (Rockwool Fonden and Aarhus University)
The Scandinavian Fantasy: The Sources of Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark and the U.S.

March 9 - Brown Bag Seminar
Emma Neuman (Växjö University)
All about Balance? A Test of the Jack-of-all-trades Theory using Military Enlistment Data

March 5 
Mounir Karadja (IIES)
Richer (and Holier) Than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution (with Johanna Möllerström and David Seim)

February 9 
Ferran Elias (Columbia University)
Labor Demand Elasticities Over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Spain's Payroll Tax Reforms

February 5 
Ylenia Brilli (European University Institute)
Mother's Time Allocation, Child Care and Child Cognitive Development

February 2 
Miguel A. Sarzosa (University of Maryland)
The Dynamic Consequences of Bullying on Skill Accumulation

January 29 
Simona Bejenariu  (University of Gothenburg)
The Effects of Financial Incentives on Fertility and Early Investments in Child Health

January 26 
Alastair Ball (European University Institute)
Air Pollution, Foetal Mortality, and Long-term Health: Evidence from the Great London Smog

January 22 
Anna Bindler (University College London)
Leaving scars: How recessions produce career criminals

January 19 
Erina Ytsma (London School of Economics)
Lone Stars or Constellations? The Impact of Performance Pay on Matching Assortativeness in Academia

January 15 
Eirini Tatsi (SAFE and Goethe University Frankfurt)
Endogenous Social Interactions: Which Peers Matter?

January 13 
Tanya Wilson (Royal Holloway)
Compulsory Education and Teenage Motherhood


December 18 
Torsten Santavirta (SOFI)
The Impact of Child Evacuation on the Importance of Family Background (with Markus Jäntti)

December 15 
Sebastian Buhai (Aarhus / SOFI)
A Social Network Analysis of Occupational Segregation (with Marco van der Leij)
December 11 
Per Lundborg (SOFI)
The Rationale of the Migrant Share as a Wage Determinant: Theory and Evidence

December 4 
Sissel Jensen (NHH)
Breaking the Glass Ceiling? The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Labor Market Outcomes in Norway (with Marianne Bertrand, Sandra E. Black, and Adriana Lleras-Muney)

December 1 
Per Olof Robling (SOFI)
Final Seminar  (Opponent: Matti Sarvimäki, Aalto University)

November 27 
Damon Clark (UC Irvine)
The Return to Schooling among High School Dropouts: Evidence from Britain's Compulsory Schooling Changes

November 24 - Brown Bag Seminar
Anders Björklund (SOFI)
Intergenerational Mobility, Intergenerational effects, Sibling Correlations, and Equality of Opportunity: A Comparison of Four Approaches

November 20 
Pietro Garibaldi (Università di Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto)
Endogenous Dismissal In Real Life Institutions (with Gerard Pfann)

November 13 
Randi Hjalmarsson (University of Gothenburg)
Politics and Peer Effects in the Courtroom

November 10 - Brown Bag Seminar
Gerard Pfann (Maastricht University and SOFI)
Firing Costs and Labor Demand in Recessions 

November 6 
Uta Schönberg (UCL)
Labor Supply Shocks and the Adjustment Dynamics of Local Wages and Employment: New Evidence from a Commuting Policy (with Christian Dustmann and Jan Stuhler)

October 30
Kelly Ragan (HHS)
Teenage Kicks: New (Old) Evidence on the Pill and Teenage Childbearing

October 27 - Brown Bag Seminar
Hanna Mühlrad (SOFI and University of Gothenburg)
Breastfeeding as an Early Life Investment: An Evaluation of the Baby Friendly Hospitals Initiative in Sweden

October 23 
Toru Kitagawa (UCL)
A Test for Instrument Validity

October 16 
Ingvild Almås (NHH / IIES)
Are Americans More Meritocratic and Efficiency Seeking than Scandinavians?

October 9 
Helena Skyt Nielsen (Aarhus University)
Peer Effects in Math and Science (with Juanna Schrøter Joensen)

October 2 
Ante Farm (SOFI)
Measuring the Effect of Matching Problems on Unemployment

September 25 
Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica Milan)
Family, Community and Long-Term Earnings Inequality (with Paul Bingley and Konstantinos Tatsiramos)

September 11 
Juanna Joensen (HHS)
Student Aid, Academic Achievement, and Labor Market Behavior: Grants or Loans? (with Elena Mattana)

September 8 - Brown Bag Seminar
Martin Nybom (SOFI)
Is true Social Mobility Low and Constant across Time and Place? A Test of Clark’s Law of Mobility

September 4 
Emma Tominey (University of York)
Female Labor Supply and Household Employment Shocks: Maternity Leave as an Insurance Mechanism

August 25 
Bhash Mazumder (Chicago Fed)
Intergenerational Mobility Curves (with Jonathan Davis)

August 21 
Per Olof Robling (SOFI)
Lead and Criminal Behavior: Lessons from the Swedish Phase-Out of Leaded Gasoline (with Hans Grönqvist and Peter Nilsson)

June 16 - Brown Bag Seminar
Thor Norström (SOFI)
The Great Recession, Unemployment and Suicide

June 12 
Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi)
Clicking on Heaven’s Door: The Effect of Immigrant Legalization on Crime

June 5 
Gustaf Bruze (Aarhus University)
Social Mobility in Denmark: Evidence from Consumption Data

May 26 - Brown Bag Seminar
Per Olof Robling (SOFI)
Segregation and Crime (with Hans Grönqvist and Susan Niknami)

May 22 
Jan Stuhler (UCL and SOFI)
Measuring Intergenerational Dependence in Short Income Data (with Martin Nybom)

May 15 
Patrizia Luongo (University of Bari)
Inequality of Opportunity in the Italian Educational System (with Paolo Brunori)

May 8 
Karin Hederos Eriksson (HHS)
Occupational Segregation by Sex: The Role of Intergenerational Transmission

May 5 - Brown Bag Seminar
Jan Sauermann (SOFI)
Employer Supported Training: the Role of Reciprocal Attitudes (with Arjan Non)
April 24 
Manuel Bagues (Aalto University)
Inside the Black Box of Committee Decision-making: Evidence from Academic Evaluations in Italy (with Mauro Sylos Labibi and Natalia Zinovyeva) 

April 10 
Bart Golsteyn (Maastricht University)
Empirically Testing Long Term Associations of General versus Specific Training (with Anders Stenberg)

April 3 
Alex Solis (Uppsala University) 
Does Higher Education Cause Political Participation?: Evidence From a Regression Discontinuity Design

March 27 
Patrick Bennett (CBS)
Can Education Effectively Reduce Crime? Evidence from Danish Administrative Twin Data

March 20 
Thomas Siedler (Hamburg University)
Reducing Binge Drinking? The Effect of a Ban on Late-night Off-premise Alcohol Sales on Alcohol-related Hospital Stays in Germany (joint with Jan Marcus)

March 13 
Miriam Gensowski (University of Copenhagen)
Personality, IQ, and Lifetime Earnings

March 6 
Joseph Ferrie (Northwestern University)
The Role of Grandfathers (and Great-Grandfathers) in the Transmission of Socioeconomic Status from Fathers to Sons: Britain 1851-1911 and the U.S. 1850-1940

February 27 
Michele Belot (University of Edinburgh)
Incentives and Children's Dietary Choices: A Field Experiment in Primary Schools  (with Jonathan James and Patrick Nolen)

February 20 
Matthew Lindquist (SOFI)
Key Players in Co-Offending Networks (with Yves Zenou)

February 13 
Björn Öckert (IFAU)
Class Matters: Why Class Size is More Important for Low-income Students (with Peter Fredriksson and Hessel Oosterbeek)

February 6 
Oskar Nordström Skans (IFAU)
Becoming a College Student Representative: The Causal Impact on Labor Market Entry and Career Trajectories (with Martin Lundin and Pär Zetterberg)

January 23 
Johanna Wallenius (HHS)
Social Insurance and Retirement: A Cross-Country Perspective (with Tobias Laun)

January 16 
Marianne Sundström (SOFI)
Part-time Work, Gender and Economic Distribution in the Nordic Countries (with Alma Wennemo Lanninger)


December 19 
Torsten Santavirta (SOFI)
Child Protection and Risk of Severe Mental Disorder During Adulthood: Evaluating the Finnish Policy of Evacuating Children to Foster Care during World War II (with Nina Santavirta and Stephen Gilman)

December 12 
Peter Nilsson (IIES)
Economic Status, Air Quality, and Child Health: Evidence from Inversion Episodes  (with Jenny Jans and Peter Johansson)

December 5 
Dan-Olof Rooth (Linne University Kalmar)
Do Politicians Change Public Attitudes? (with Magnus Carlsson and Gordon Dahl)

November 28 
Illoong Kwon (Seoul National University)
Public vs. Private Sector Specific Human Capital (Lena Hensvik)

November 21 
Joeri Sol (University of Amsterdam)
A Field Experiment on Team Incentives, Social Cohesion, and Peer Pressure

November 14 
Anders Frederiksen (ICOA, Aarhus University)
Subjective Performance Evaluations and Employee Careers (with Fabian Lange and Ben Kriechel)

November 07 
Pia Pinger (University of Bonn)
Instrumental Variable Estimation of the Causal Effect of Hunger Early in Life on Health Later in Life (with Gerard van den Berg and Johannes Schoch)

October 24 
Johan Vikström (IFAU)
IPW Estimation and Related Estimators for Evaluation of Active Labor Market Policies in a Dynamic Setting

October 17 
Andre Richter and Per Olof Robling (SOFI)
Transgenerational Effects of the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic in Sweden

October 10 
Jan Stuhler (UCL)
Interpreting Trends in Intergenerational Mobility (with Martin Nybom)

October 3 
Per Lundborg (SOFI)
Minimum Wages and the Integration of Refugee Immigrants (with Per Skedinger)

September 26 
Andreas Ravndal Kostøl (Statistics Norway)
Family Welfare Cultures (with Gordon Dahl and Magne Mostad)

September 12
Anders Stenberg (SOFI)
The Relation between Hours of Domestic Services and Female Earnings: Panel Register Data Evidence from a Reform (with Karin Halldén)

September 5 
Carla Haelermans (TIER, Maastricht University)
The Effect of an Online Practice Tool on Math in Secondary Education - Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment (with Joris Ghysels)

August 29 
Olivier Marie (Maastricht University)
Early Release from Prison on Electronic Monitoring and Recidivism: A Tale of Two Discontinuities

August 22 
Petra Ornstein (Uppsala University)
The Price of Violence

May 30 
Sebastian Buhai (Aarhus University and Stockholm University)
Returns to Tenure or Seniority? (with Miguel Portela, Coen Teulings and Aico van Vuuren)

May 23 
Nina Guyon (Sciences Po, Paris)
Getting Parents Involved: a Field Experiment in Deprived Schools (with F. Avvisati, M.Gurgand and E. Maurin)

May 16 
Petter Lundborg (Lund University)
Fertility and Labour Supply: IV Evidence from IVF treatments (with Erik Plug and Astrid Wurtz Rasmussen)

April 25 
Lena Hensvik (IFAU)
Social Networks, Employee Selection and Labor Market Outcomes: Toward an Empirical Analysis (with Oskar Nordström Skans)

April 18 
Erik Lindqvist (Stockholm School of Economics)
Firms and Skills: The Evolution of Worker Sorting (with Christina Håkanson and Jonas Vlachos)

April 11 
Ghazala Azmat (Queen Mary University)
The Ants and the Grasshoppers: Gender Gaps in Grades Using Different Evaluation Methods

April 4 
Mario Fiorini (University of Technology Sydney)
Is Monotonicity in an IV and RD Design Testable? No, but you Can Still Check on it

March 21 
Lisa Laun (IFAU)
The Effect of Age-Targeted Tax Credits on Retirement Behavior

March 14 
Katrien Stevens (University of Sydney)
The Career Costs of Children (with Jerome Adda and Christian Dustmann)

March 7 
Arnaud Chevalier (Royal Holloway)
Make it Count: Students Incentives and Effort (with P. Dolton and M. Luehrmann)

February 28 
Niklas Kaunitz (SOFI)
Do Payroll Tax Cuts Raise Youth Employment? (with Johan Egebark)

February 21 
Nikolay Angelov (IFAU)
Is the Constant Gender Gap in Income and Wages due to Unequal Family Responsibilities? (with Per Johansson and Erica Lindahl)

February 14 
Michael Kvasnicka (RWI Essen)
The Economic Integration of Forced Migrants: Evidence for Post-War Germany (with Sebastian Braun)

February 7 
Magnus Carlsson (University of Kalmar)
The Effect of Schooling on Cognitive Skills (with Gordon B. Dahl, Björn Öckert, and Dan-Olof Rooth) 

January 31 
Elina Tuominen (University of Tampere)
Top Income Shares and Economic Growth: Empirical Results

January 17 
Martin Berlin (SOFI) 
Inequality of Life Satisfaction and Income in Europe

January 11 
Martin Nybom (SOFI) 
Essays on Educational Choice and Intergenerational Mobility (Phd defense)


December 13 
Che-Yuan Liang (Uppsala University) 
Piracy, Music and Movies: A Natural Experiment

December 6 
Kristian Koerselman (Helsingfors University) 
Is Education a Risky Investment? Moments of Lifetime Income by Education

November 29 
Robert Östling (IIES) 
A Novel Approach to Estimating the Effect of Wealth on Lifetime Outcomes

November 22 
Philipp Eisenhauer (University of Mannheim) 
Optimal Treatment Reallocation

November 15 
Stefan Bauernschuster (Ifo, University of Munich) 
Public Child Care and Mothers’ Labor Supply - Evidence from Two Quasi-Experiments

November 1 
Adrian Adermon (Uppsala University) 
Sibling Spillovers in Education

October 25 
Jan Sauermann (SOFI) 
The Heterogeneous Effects of Bonus Pay on Performance Outcomes: Evidence from Personnel Data

October 18 
Andreea Mitrut (Uppsala University) 
The Impact of an Unexpected Wage Cut on Corruption: Evidence from a “Xeroxed” Exam

October 11 
Anne Gielen (IZA, Bonn) 
Hormones and the Gender Earnings Gap

October 4 
Guido Schwerdt (Ifo, Munich University) 
The Effects of Early Grade Retention on Student Outcomes over Time: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Florida

September 27  
Otto Toivanen (Leuven University) 
The Genetic Heritability of Lifetime Income

September 7 
Martin Nybom (SOFI) 
Essays on Intergenerational Mobility and Educational Choice

September 6 
Jonas Maibom Pedersen (Aarhus University) 
Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Early Meetings and Activation

August 30 
Daniel Schnitzlein (DIW Berlin) 
The Importance of Family Background for Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills

August 16 
Christoph Wunder (University Erlangen-Nuremberg) 
The Dynamics of Welfare Entry and Exit in Germany

May 31 
Lena Nekby (Stockholm University) 
Spousal Joint Retirement: A Reform-Based Approach to Identifying Spillover Effects

May 24 
Martin Halla (Johannes Kepler University, Linz) 
The Social Gradient in the Impact of the Chernobyl Accident: The Case of Austria

May 10 
Emma von Essen (Stockholm University) 
Gender and Preferences in a (Simple) Random Sample

May 3 
Per-Olof Robling (SOFI)
Rising Immigration and the Evolution of Income Inequality: The Swedish Experience 1991-2009

April 26 
Simen Markussen (Frisch Center, Olso)
Social Insurance Networks

April 19 
Hans Holter (Uppsala University)
Accounting for Cross-Country Differences in Intergenerational Earnings Persistence: The Impact of Taxation and Public Education Expenditure

April 12 
Martin Berlin (SOFI)
What Explains Variation in Daily Feelings?

March 30 
Susan Niknami (SOFI)
Essays on Inequality and Social Policy: Education, Crime and Health (Disputation)

March 29 
Thomas Dohmen (Maastricht University)
Demotivating Workers: Retrenchment of PensionRights and Negative Reciprocity

March 22 
Martin Nybom (SOFI)
College Choice, Abilities and Lifetime Earnings: an Application of the Generalized Roy Model using Swedish Registry Data

March 15 
Marco Leonardi (Milano)
The Effect of Product Demand on Inequality: Evidence from the US and the UK

March 8 
Heléne Lundqvist (Uppsala University)
Is It Worth It? On the Returns to Holding Political Office

March 1 
Chris van Klaveren (TIER, Maastricht University)
Evaluation of an Extended Day Program in the Netherlands: A Randomized Field Experiment

February 23 
Briggs Depew (University of Arizona)
Elasticity of Labor Supply to the Firm Over the Business Cycle

February 16 
Pablo Brassiolo (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Domestic Violence and Divorce Law: When Divorce Threats Become Credible

February 14 
Ana da Matos (London School of Economics)
The Careers of Immigrants

February 9 
Susanne Forstner (European University Iinstitute)
Job-to-Job Mobility and Wage Inequality: A Quantitative Assessment

February 8 
Guido-Matias Cortes (University of British Columbia)
Where Have the Middle-Wage Workers Gone? A Study of Polarization Using Panel Data

February 2 
Jan Sauermann (ROA, Maastricht)
The Effects of Training on Own and Co-Worker Productivity: Evidence from a Field Experiment

January 31 
Ola Lotherington Vestad (Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research)
Who Pays for Occupational Pensions?

January 26 
Marta Favara (University of Essex)
The cost of Acting “Girly” – Gender Stereotypes and Educational Choices

January 19 
Tobias Laun (HHS)
Optimal Social Insurance with Endogenous Health


December 15 
Johanna Rickne (IFN)
Female Representation but Male Rule? Gender Quotas and the Political Glass Ceiling

December 8
Erich Battistin (University of Padova)
The Effects of Remedial Exams on Student Achievement: Evidence from Upper Secondary Schools in Italy

December 1
Jan Stuhler (CReAM, University College London)
Empirical Evidence on the Local Labour Market Impacts of Immigration

November 24
Torsten Santavirta (SOFI)
Evaluating the Long-Term Consequences of Evacuating Children to Foster Care during WWII Using Sibling Differences

November 17
Matthew Lindquist (SOFI)
The Effect of Education on Criminal Convictions and Incarceration: Causal Evidence from Micro-data

November 11, OBS! At 13.00 inA700 (Pareto)
Ph.D. final seminar: Susan Niknami (SOFI)
Essays on Inequality and Social Policy: Education, Crime and Health
Discussant: Matz Dahlberg (Uppsala)

November 10
Didier Fouarge (Maastricht University)
Occupational Sorting of School Leavers: The Role of Economic Preferences

November 3
Mikael Lindahl (Uppsala University)
Does Competition from Private Schools Impact Educational Performance and Sorting? - Evidence from Sweden's Voucher Reform

October 27
Ulrika Vikman (Uppsala University)
Workfare for the Old and Long-term Unemployed

October 20
Rita Ginja (Uppsala University)
Can Social Benefits Reach the Poorest Families?

October 13
Susan Niknami (SOFI)
Relative Income Inequality and Crime

October 6
Martin Nybom (SOFI)
The Role of Parental Income over the Life Cycle: A Comparison of Sweden and the UK

September 29
Peter Skogman Thoursie (IFAU)
"Is Contracting Out In? Using a Randomized Experiment to Evaluate Privately Provided Work Rehabilitation"

September 15
Tuomas Kosonen (Gvt Institute for Economic Research, Finland)
Cheaper Lunch? Effects of VAT Reduction for Restaurant Services

September 1
Peter Fredriksson (Stockholm University)
Long-term Effects of Class Size

August 25
Arna Vardardottir (Stockholm School of Economics)
Peer Effects and Academic Achievement

August 18
Marta Lachowska (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research)
The Long-Term Effects of Job Search Assistance: Re-examining the Washington Alternative Work Search Experiment