Since the mid-20th Century, people with a foreign background have been overrepresented in crime at a fairly consistent rate. In this talk, I summarize past research results on foreign background and crime and discuss the most recent controversy: the “vulnerable” area. Vulnerable areas are locations that have been identified by police as having low socioeconomic resources and a strong criminal presence/influence. Most of the police-identified vulnerable areas have a high proportion of people with a foreign background. Yet, it remains unclear whether more foreign-background residents are a risk for high crime. I include a new analysis of foreign background and its association with area-level violent crime using a unique dataset. This talk is based on a forthcoming chapter to appear in the book, “Det svenska tillståndet: En forskarantalogi om våld och säkerhet i Sverige 1975–2020”, edited by Amir Rostami & Jerzy Sarnecki.